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Waiters EnRoute

Throwback Thursday. I designed these labels back when my friend’s company was getting muscled out by these national food delivery companies in the early 2000’s. His company was all Calgarian. These stickers were part of a campaign to fight back. #waitersenroute #advertising #decal #campaigns

It’s International, baby

Sunday may be the most important day of the year, INTERNATIONAL LEFTHANDERS DAY. I’m sure there will be fireworks in every major centre, I’m sure MTG and DeSantis will rail against us. #internationallefthandday #lefthand



Back when almost all my artwork was made with Adobe Illustrator I did this image for Canada Post’s Magazine. I think it was like 2014. I liked the look of vector and its scalability and portability. But now, it’s so slow compared to bitmap drawing and painting.

True Things

How many of these things have happened to you? They’ve all happened to me AND there was that time I went out for dinner in a new shirt only to realize I didn’t pull out that cardboard collar thing until it was too late.

Things that make me look stupid


Maybe it’s an Alberta thing. I keep seeing these guys, usually a Jeep, or any Dodge, Chevy or Ford truck. Big knobblies, no mudflaps. I see them every day. My windshield cost $1,500. Have some empathy, buddy?

Large truck with big knobby tires that destroy windsheilds

Big Day

I’m sure there will be general anarchy tomorrow following the indictment. This man just keeps racking up firsts. Mr. Trump is guaranteeing he will never be forgotten.

Bob Dylan

It’s his eighty second birthday today on the same day that Tina Turner dies at eighty three. My childhood is fading away. I did this image for a CKUA fundraiser about fifteen years ago. It was a fun experiment with aging the surface.


Frowback Fursday. Who doesn’t like Pink?! I saw a performance where she did the whole song while doing these crazy acrobatic things.