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friday fun

In the bookstore the other day, I was absolutely blown away by the immensity of Self-Help books. Apparently we all need a lot of help improving ourselves. I heard someone say once, “You can’t get anywhere in this wold unless you truly know who you are”. I’ve never been quite sure about that or any advice people give me, I mean it’s food for thought. Reflection has always worked for me.cartoon about self help books

friday fun

This started out as one idea, and completely changed when I was doing it.

Staff pick comic

friday fun

I was waiting in the car at a mall and there was this shop that just said nails in the window and it got me thinking.

a Cartoon about nails


I remember the lyrics of Frank Zappa’s song “trouble Every Day”, It came out in 1965, and he said “I’m not black┬áBut there’s a whole lots a timesI wish I could say I’m not white”. Juneteenth should be a national holiday for pride and to remind others to remember that equality should be real, not a fantasy.Juneteenth

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