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Did this in 2003, background was painted and dried, then another color added and plastic sheet laid on top until dry, I liked the effect. Nobody ever noticed all the clown’s fingers are missing.


Throwback to 2013, for the cover of a Bartending Magazine. It’s always nice when someone commissions you for your style instead of;”we like your style, but can you do something like this other illustrator”. Sure that’s a challenge, but it takes a lot of the fun out of a project. #illustration #illustrator #retro #Graphic

Babies and air travel

This was a fun project for my now defunct agent; Three in a Box. We all can remember, I think, a flight with a screaming baby. I sure can, four hours that seemed like forty. Mom would put him on her shoulder, so then he was screaming at me from between the seats. Yup, good times with babies on airplanes.


So most illustrators will tell you that they don’t like drawing certain things; for me it’s bikes. But it’s springtime right now and my thoughts are wandering to biking. These were part of a series for a bicycling magazine #throwback #throwbackthursday


OK, I missed throwback Thursday because it was 36 degrees below Celsius and the furnace quit, so I was preoccupied. Anyhow, Frowback Friday is now a thing. I did this a while back when Tom Cruise went insane on Oprah (or his meds kicked in; not sure).

Tom Cruise and Oprah caricatures

Hipster Hitler (Throwback Thursday)

Years ago, I did this image for a t-shirt company. Even though it sold well they rejected it because they said it glorified Hitler. I was mocking him, they didn’t get it. But they have loads of images glorifying trump. #ThrowbackThursday #Throwback #ThrowbackThursdays #Trump #Hitler

#batmanday today

I saw that today was #batmanday, I had no idea that was a day. Here’s a cartoon I did awhile back that i thought would relate.