Calgary based Graphic design, Illustration, comic, cartoon and caricature

Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential

Winston Churchill

Our design projects follow an approach of research, ideation, solution, implementation, and evaluation. There’s still room for experimentation in any of the stages, after all we’re looking for the best solution.

Research We work in partnership with our client to define the problem, looking at their competitors, user expectations and expected outcomes.

Ideation It’s our goal to discover compelling, beyond the obvious approaches. What haven’t we seen before?

Solution This is where we distill ideas down to clear solutions that deal directly with the problem without superfluous distraction.

Implementation It’s not enough to have a good idea, it’s as important to have flawless production and efficient process’. Getting the right idea in front of the right minds.

Evaluation Now the project is complete and out in the world, it’s time to measure its effectiveness. This is where the value of solid process pays off.