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Frowback Fursday. Who doesn’t like Pink?! I saw a performance where she did the whole song while doing these crazy acrobatic things.


Saturday is Canadian Independent Bookstore Day. It made me think of my favorite book “Man’s Search For Meaning”. It changed my life at a time when I really needed it. I liked it so much that I always have a couple of copies in my office to give away to people that I think might like it.

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Viktor Frankl, "Man's search for meaning"

Partners in Crime

Throwback Thursday. Back in 2018, our friends Carling and Tyler had their first baby. I did this for them ‘cuz that’s their moniker. I was experimenting a lot with a more casual style with a red underpainting. #caricature #rondo #cartoonart#comicart #throwbackthursday #throwback

That time of year

I had this idea awhile back. Throwback Tuesday, maybe.

They kneel before it

Happy New Year! I wanted to do like a lot of illustrators and have a “reel” of my best of 2022. But a gag is more entertaining I thought. If you know of anyone looking for a cartoonist/illustrator/designer, I wouldn’t say no to a referral. This is a revised re-post 

Cartoon about nothing

Toughest project ever

I’ve been creating designs and illustrations for print since 1987. I’ve done work for silkscreen, offset sheetfed and web printing, flexographic printing, lithography–the list goes on. For this project however I had to separate the Pantone ink colors by hand. Well it didn’t start that way. These images are the roughs and final art for a CIFF (Calgary International Film Festival) poster. I got to choose a movie to illustrate. I chose the 1977 movie “Slapshot”. I loved the three goons–the Hanson Brothers. I created the art and submitted it, the printer made me re-do it because the screen was too fine for silkscreening. But when I re-did it 100 pixels per inch the image was not sharp enough. Great, so I re-did it in Adobe Illustrator (for clarity), the illustrator version was my third version of the art. But the printer then told me that I had to do each separate ink color on a separate layer with no overlap. That meant copying the art on each color layer and then using it to knock out the color on the other two ink colors (fourth version, now). Oh yeah, and making my own 100 line dot pattern too. Twenty hours into the project and I was done. Ink color separations are typically done by a software RIP (Raster Image Processor), but for some reason the printer couldn’t do that so now I can add to my credits; Guy Parsons, RIP.

They don’t look real

I mean really? It’s not a natural look, in fact it’s kind of hideous.