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I’ve seen so many examples of bad advertising in public spaces. Novellas on billboards, small type on bus benches, illegible display fonts, and much more. If you only have moments to see the ad, why would advertisers waste their money this way? I can only guess that they’re not using a professional designer, or the designer is a yes man. It’s better to advise a client that something is a bad idea, rather than to go ahead and produce something that won’t serve its purpose. What do you do if a client still wants to do something that’s a bad idea. Negotiate, that’s right—to the bitter end. Being a good negotiator is something your client will appreciate when someone says they bought their widget because of the billboard ad, or even better if sales increase after a campaign. A good negotiator will find the connection between the clients goal and the reason why what they want on a billboard won’t help them realize their goals. If a client still wants you to do their bidding, it’s better to walk away than produce something bad–because when someone asks them who did their awful ad, they’ll be using your name.

Freelance Graphic designer,Illustrator, cartoonist and caricaturist. Specializing in logos, posters, web design, printed publications, Illustration, cartoons and caricature, Illustration design, graphic illustration