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Our friends Ronda and Dwayne Hovde invited us to go on a short vacation to the Grand Hotel. Our first response was “Where?”. If you’ve not heard of it—the Grand Hotel is in Michigan and is on Macinac island that can only be reached by ferry. Cars aren’t allowed on the island, so the only ways to get around is by foot, bike or horse power. The Grand Hotel has the longest front porch in the world and is a great place to have a cool drink and watch people go by, the loudest noise is the clopping of horses as they pass by. The island is a national park, so there are miles and miles of beautiful trails to wander. On our way there we stopped in at Niagara Falls, a place every Canadian should visit at least once in their life—a bit touristy (Vegas meets Parks Canada) but still worth seeing.

Niagara falls


Tho old Fort Holmes

Arch Rock


Grand Hotel porch

Horse drawn carriages everywhere

The Grand Hotel

Can you tell why they call these ferries “the rooster tail”