Calgary based Graphic design, Illustration, comic, cartoon and caricature

When you think of designers, you don’t necessarily think of heroes. This is where we honour those unsung heroes.

The first hero is the Deadline Phantom
He smashes through the fabric of time and bends it to his will. He conquers deadlines–a master of punctuality and billable hours–time is truly on his side. A logo before lunch? Roughs by coffee? … It’s already done!

Our next hero is the Creative Colossus
With his sidekick–”Kid Inspiration”, he battles his arch enemy –“The Block”. Creative Juices and Sparks of Creativity are his secret weapons in his quest to free the world from the dreaded scourge–The Cliché.

Not all heroes are men, there is the Logo Doyenne
Saving countless clients the agony and lost business from having a logo appear in a publication too small. Without her, clients would have to endure logos that weren’t blue! She upholds those logos with the initials of the company in them, or italicized caps and any kind of swoosh.

Not to be forgotten is the most powerful of all the heroes, The Revisionator
He makes multiple revisions on the fly, he’s real time, he’s a Chicago style spell checking maniac.” One more change” is his daily beat. He can change an em dash to a hyphen and back again quicker than you can say “umlaut”.

Freelance Graphic designer,Illustrator, cartoonist and caricaturist. Specializing in logos, posters, web design, printed publications, Illustration, cartoons and caricature, Illustration design, graphic illustration