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We’ve all seen those flight attendants go through the safety dance, showing us where the exits are and how to use the air mask. It’s a boring experience. So are the videos on the large carriers, and if you’re in Canada—seeing it in both French and English can be painful. Good design considers the user of a product or service and makes a good experience. Advertisers have known this for years, you can’t bore someone into buying a product. Virgin Airlines has looked at the smallest detail of the boring video and taken the opportunity to stand out and make it an enjoyable experience. This video is an great example of good design enriching your experience and making it memorable. Boring is memorable too, but why not make things less so.

Freelance Graphic designer,Illustrator, cartoonist and caricaturist. Specializing in logos, posters, web design, printed publications, Illustration, cartoons and caricature, Illustration design, graphic illustration