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  2. new work

    This illustration started out as a sketchbook drawing. I thought the idea would make an interesting finished piece. It was put together in Adobe Illustrator first, and finished in Photoshop. There’s things both apps do well and some things they don’t. My process is usually to use Illustrator to block in and Painter or Clip Studio Paint to add the bitmap effects and painting. Click on the image to enlarge it, and if you want to see some of the process, click the more link below.



  3. funny friday


  4. new work

    This is one of the largest and most detailed pieces I’ve done. Measuring 52″ x 31″, it required a lot of detail work. It was done in Acrylic at 11″ x 17″, scanned high resolution and then repainted in Painter on a Cintiq tablet. All in all, around 50 hours to complete. I’ve attached a detail shot, the pencil sketch and the acrylic painting.



  5. funny friday

    fly and maggot cartoon

  6. funny friday


  7. funny friday

    Comic about spell checker

  8. funny friday

    comic of man on Psychiatrist's couch

  9. funny friday

    Comic of automobile detailing

  10. funny friday

    cartoon of man making a call

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