1. halloween

    It’s that time of year again when all the zombies and princesses show up for free candy. This drawing was done entirely in Manga Studio Pro, from sketch to finished art. No more Corel Painter for me, what a buggy app that was.


  2. matchbox art

    Hunter Oatman-Stanford has compiled a great compendium of matchbook covers. The low quality reproductions have a certain charm to them. Especially when enlarged. The illustrations are so economical and well designed. via Collectors Weekly.


  3. lost & found


  4. creative business cards

    Here’s a great example of some really creative business cards. A lot of folks feel like business cards are a dying art, but there’s nothing better than handing your business card to someone and have them go “WOW!”


  5. hello fall


  6. staggering beauty

    If you have time to kill, you must check out staggering beauty by Google Labs designer–George Michael BrowerThis little amusement can keep you busy for awhile. I would love to try it out with a cat and an iPad.



  7. don’t be a comic sans criminal

    Comic sans has been abused since it first came out. Designers know where to use it, but some folks are abusing it. Do you know somebody who uses this font inappropriately? Luckily, there is help to rehabilitate them today, thanks to Matt Dempsey.

  8. how to get a logo for cheap


    I bid on logos often, and it amazes me the expectation of cost for a logo. Something that has helped devalue the cost of a logo in many people’s minds are the websites that offer low-cost logos. It used to infuriate me that after all the years of training and work, that I have people competing with me that would sell a customer a logo for as low as $18. It’s as easy as searching for “cheap logo”. Now I have come to believe in the low-cost logo, and here is some advice to dealing with your designer to make sure you get the cheapest logo possible: (more…)

  9. bees

    Just a reminder, next Wednesday is international left-hander’s day, hug a left-handed person.


  10. gm futurliner

    One of these went up for auction a few years ago, only a small number were produced and very few survive today. It is a great example of the design of its time. I did the freehand ink sketchbook drawings because I just fell in love with it. The entrance to the cabin is a door next to the letter “G” on the front of it, then the driver ascends a staircase to the “cockpit”. If you have a million bucks, you can have one for yourself. Check out the video here.


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