1. funny friday

    cartoon of man. "Man, my tampon is chafing", caption is "the power of truly great advertising"

  2. funny friday

    Another excerpt from my test comic strip, Waskataskahiskewaskewan.


  3. Acronym H8R

    I hate acronyms. Oh sure they shorten up long things, but they make you look stupid if you’re not in the know, “WHAT! You don’t know what the CRM is?” (followed by a stunned look). And I hate it when they’re used out of context regularly. On a news show I watch–they don’t use the city name when they’re talking about the weather, instead they use the airport code. “Oh it’s going to be a nice day in old YYC”, thus excluding all those folks who have no idea what that means–once again to look stupid. When I go to client offices–in meetings–it’s like I’m from Mars or something, “We’ll run that past the old CRS and see if he salutes it”, who’s the CRS and what has he got to do with me? (more…)

  4. funny friday


  5. funny friday


  6. National Cartoonists Day

    This is my second favourite day of the year (behind National Left Handers Day). Take the rest of the day off.

    cartoon of how to draw

  7. new stuff

    I read a book awhile back, The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed, published in 1972. In it he discusses how a drawing needs a bit of what he called “dither”–the thing that makes a drawing more interesting in it’s imperfections. You can see it in current trends in illustration, music, art–the less perfect work becomes the most interesting. The singer with a Tom Waits crackly voice, the woodcut instead of the perfect Adobe Illustrator drawing. This Illustration was meant to be a compromise between where my work has gone and where I see it going.

    Astronaut in diner

  8. funny friday

    Webmaster cartoon

  9. funny friday

    Colonel sanders, god, gandalf,  Dumbledore

  10. friday funny

    Frog prince cartoon

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