1. funny friday

    Webmaster cartoon

  2. funny friday

    Colonel sanders, god, gandalf,  Dumbledore

  3. friday funny

    Frog prince cartoon

  4. digital scratchboard

    This looks like a scratchboard drawing but it was done in Manga Studio. I was curious to see if I could replicate the process, but speed it up a bit and have it be more forgiving. Studio has some amazing rulers that allow you to repeat horizontal, vertical, and all kinds of curves (even perspective lines), it’s pretty cool.

    scratchboard drawing of house

  5. caricature

    I’ve been doing a lot of these lately, all digital. Seems to go a lot faster than traditional ink and watercolour and is tons-o-fun. Some fella named Bill is going to have a different birthday, Beats a bottle of vodka. I guess.

    caricature of man

  6. funny friday

    cartoon of text walker

  7. sketchbook

    I was at the Penn West building here in Calgary,  and got the opportunity to spend an hour drawing the sculptures. I love drawing with a fineliner without a pencil sketch.

    Horse sketch

  8. funny friday

    This is one of a month’s gags for a feature I put up at GoComics Comic Sherpa. The test strip was just to see if I could develop a set of characters, a setting and write something funny (jury’s still out on that). But I had fun doing the comic. I’m going too try another one soon. The strip had a really catchy name; Waskataskahiskewaskewan–tres Canadian for sure.

    Comic strip

  9. another caricature

    A six person caricature of top realtors, in Miami Vice outfits. Can you guess where they’re from?

    Miami realtors

  10. a better search engine

    DuckDuckGo logo

    I ‘ve noticed lately–at peak times–Google’s search engine is slow. I’ve found a really fast search engine that is more secure and less cluttered. Simply put, they’re not tracking me. I like that, it’s DuckDuckGo, you should check them out.

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