1. national cartoonist day

    Celebrate appropriately, leave your weapons at home.

    National cartoonists day

  2. new work

    It’s tough, the battle between keeping things simple and adding more detail.


  3. do you cartoon?


    If you’re a cartoonist and in a college in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico you can apply for the Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by the National Cartoonists Society. You can find out more at www.cartoonistfoundation.org or from the scholarship part of  the NCS website. The deadline is December 16, 2013.

  4. mom’s day

    The privilege of having a mom in your life is one of life’s greatest.


  5. garbage world

    I recently saw this trailer for the documentary, Midway. It’s haunted me all week. I was thinking back to a year ago when I went on a tour of the recycling plant. I felt like we’re doing a lot to reduce our impact, the Movie reminds me that I can try harder.


  6. the good old days

    I’m glad those days are behind us. Well most of us. Thanks Ronda for the advert.

  7. man and the sea

    This was for Dave Willicome at West Magazine, he’s a great AD to work with. The image was for a story about a ship sinking in the yukon at the turn of the century and it’s sole survivor. I was inspired for the idea of using smoke to depict the past –by one of my students. I wondered if the survivor went down to the dock occasionally to think about those that perished.

  8. Oh Suzannah

    This is an image I did recently for an article about a heroic RCMP dog, Suzannah.

  9. crazy axe

    What do you get when a group of design students get to re-design a guitar for charity. These School of Visual Arts design students can really reshape the axe.

    Willy Nelson

  10. design godess

    Janine Vangool is an amazing designer. Her uppercase magazine is the most anticipated magazine in my studio. She also publishes a book of illustrators called “work/Life”, but it’s not your usual source book—it has personality and soul. It’s an interesting book– that’s a novel approach when so many source books are just huge books full of illustrators who have the cash to join in.
    Janine’s book is launching Thursday, April 7 from 5-9 pm at UPPERCASE BOOKS, upper level of Art Central, in Calgary. If you’re in town and want to meet one of Canada’s best designers and a bunch of great illustrators, you gotta go.
    I got a piece in the book (below) and am honoured to be included in such an unforgettable book.

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