1. rough (ruff) design

    Not every design that I like gets chosen. I liked the rough, so had to finish it.


  2. get fit


  3. running

    Part of a project on running, it must be springtime.


  4. new work

    These are part of a series of drawings about golfing, and mini-golf.

    Kilt girl

  5. stripped

    This will be one of the most exciting films about cartooning in years. Interviews with some of cartooning’s leaders and new pioneers, Stripped  will be a must-see for cartoon fans and artists. The big question: what is happening to cartooning, and where is it going? And how will this affect me as a cartoonist. The poster/cover is new art by Bill Watteerson.



  6. can a logo be honest

    Viktor Hertz a Swedish designer has created a series of honest logos that represent his take on big corporations. I love the Apple one.


  7. have some respect

    When someone offers you a project and wants you to work for free, or for the exposure that the project will bring you, watch this video. Harlan Ellison has the best advice.

    via Mark Brautigam

  8. best job ever

    Today I got a confirmation that one of my illustrations will be included as a winner in the Illustration and Photography Awards Annual of Applied Arts Magazine. My boss was so impressed, I got another award (oh, lucky day!). Does my head look big to you??


  9. reading test

    How fast a reader are you? I scored 98% faster than average on Staples test, and could read War and Peace in 18 hours, try it out.
    ereader test

    Source: Staples eReader Department

  10. wildlife

    My pal, Mike Kerr is having an opening, the second Annual Illustrative Pattern Show, the theme–Wildlife. It’s to open up the new studio for random collective.