1. have some respect

    When someone offers you a project and wants you to work for free, or for the exposure that the project will bring you, watch this video. Harlan Ellison has the best advice.

    via Mark Brautigam

  2. unfortunate candy wrappers

    Ben Marks at Collectors Weekly has put together a collection of unfortunate candy wrappers, just in time for Halloween. Not a lot will make your mouth water, but some may gross you out.


  3. the dance of death

    I remember in art college–seeing woodcuts by Hans Holbein, the younger. They had a great graphic style to them and were all so well composed. Fittingly for halloween, Atlas Obscura has put together a bunch of images from his book “the dance of death”.


  4. percussive

    Duncan Robson has a cure when its broken.

  5. the father of invention is?

    Why not Patrick Strattner, he invents things we need.


  6. public advertising


    I’ve seen so many examples of bad advertising in public spaces. Novellas on billboards, small type on bus benches, illegible display fonts, and much more. If you only have moments to see the ad, why would advertisers waste their money this way? I can only guess that they’re not using a professional designer, or the designer is a yes man. It’s better to advise a client that something is a bad idea, rather than to go ahead and produce something that won’t serve its purpose. What do you do if a client still wants to do something that’s a bad idea. Negotiate, that’s right—to the bitter end. Being a good negotiator is something your client will appreciate when someone says they bought their widget because of the billboard ad, or even better if sales increase after a campaign. A good negotiator will find the connection between the clients goal and the reason why what they want on a billboard won’t help them realize their goals. If a client still wants you to do their bidding, it’s better to walk away than produce something bad–because when someone asks them who did their awful ad, they’ll be using your name.

  7. kirk

    I did this caricature for friends and colleagues of Kirk Chalk last year. His funeral is today. Thinking of you Kirk.


  8. fitting in

    Ze Frank has some amazing videos under his belt, this one isn’t funny—most of his videos are. But as always, he really makes you think about (and appreciate) the world around you. If you’ve not been to his site, make it a regular occurrence, you’ll be glad you did.

  9. a sarcophagus that takes your breath away

    This 1,800 year old sarcophagus is in surprisingly good condition for it’s age. The pictures are from it’s current location in the National Museum of Rome.  It’s an amazingly detailed piece of sculpture in it’s own right. Find out more at Kuriositas


  10. recycling

    A while back, I got invited to my city’s recycling centre. It was an amazing experience learning about all the different sorters. I did a drawing of the process in my graphic illustration portfolio, check it out if you’re interested. I took a bunch of photos, and these two are my favourites. One is this two-storey tall structure in the recycling centre, it has a conveyor belt on top and the people who sort, push items into the bins a storey below. The other photo is bales of plastics, one is detergent bottles, the other–milk containers. The recycling centre is a great experience, a real eye opener. Everyone should have the opportunity, it will make a better recycler out of you and help you appreciate what you have and throw away.