1. bees

    Just a reminder, next Wednesday is international left-hander’s day, hug a left-handed person.


  2. gm futurliner

    One of these went up for auction a few years ago, only a small number were produced and very few survive today. It is a great example of the design of its time. I did the freehand ink sketchbook drawings because I just fell in love with it. The entrance to the cabin is a door next to the letter “G” on the front of it, then the driver ascends a staircase to the “cockpit”. If you have a million bucks, you can have one for yourself. Check out the video here.


  3. gangsta tv


  4. new work

    I experimented with simplifying forms, eliminating smooth curves and getting more geometric with the shapes. It was fun to shake things up a bit.


  5. new work

    Everybody loves a girl with a face tattoo, don’t they?


  6. new work

    Newspaper article about government redirecting money from lottery funds.


  7. global corporate challenge

    That’s me on the left, part of the team competing to step our way to global supremacy.


  8. happy mom’s day


  9. net neutrality for all

    There’s been a lot of secrecy around this because some folks want to get richer at your expense. A free, neutral internet should be a fundamental freedom, but there are plans to change that. Check out this video, and then tell your MLA that you don’t want this.


    via CGP Grey

  10. rough (ruff) design

    Not every design that I like gets chosen. I liked the rough, so had to finish it.