1. double take

    College photography class, mid eighties, film camera. I remember accidentally taking double exposures, I thought the film was wasted. Christoffer Relander takes it to a new level of beauty.

  2. finger lickin’ degree

    The Telegraph has said that the Colonel is offering degrees (Sanders, not Gaddafi). Yep, a real bachelors of arts degree.

  3. get your scream shot

    Imagine a camera that only takes a picture when you scream loud enough, what could go wrong? Billy Hunt knows, and he named it Screamotron 3000.


  4. library retro

    One might argue that libraries are retro today, but its still a lot of fun to kill an afternoon in the public library. Here is a Enokson Flikr set of retro sixties library posters.

  5. how to paint a 150 foot mural

    Irene Gallo lives near a site in New York where they still hand-paint murals. Check out how it’s done.

    via tor.com


  6. antarctic exploration in your t-shirt

    Google blogs have published these great panoramas of Arctic exploration sites, like Shackleton’s hut and Scott’s hut. Imagine—Arctic exploration without the freezing cold or starvation!

    Scott's hut

  7. be a better dad

    Man, I wish I was a better dad, one that maybe as a tribute to his kids, sculpt a huge version of their heads.

  8. slit-scan video

    The process is incredibly time consuming, but man, it’s neat to watch

  9. label art

    Mr. Brick’s Flikr photostream has tons of chinese firecracker labels. Some are sick, most are really interesting. Some really great kitschy typography.

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