Calgary based Graphic design, Illustration, comic, cartoon and caricature

the big picture

They call it the Great Picture, I guess that’s because it’s so honkin’ big. It’s the largest image from a pinhole camera. In this case the pinhole camera was an airplane hangar. Currently being exhibited at the Culver Centre of the Arts. Try to find a wall to hang this picture on, or a framer to make a frame for it.

photo: UCR Sweeney Art Gallery & Culver Center of the Arts

new work

This illustration is addressing the issue of the American economy being similar to a train wreck, and now they are moving ahead in an uncertain direction. All digital, Illustrator with Photoshop alterations.

new work

This is the logo for a client who’s business is about helping other business’ become more successful. They wanted a look that would portray what they do, which is more than Accounting. I liked their old catch phrase CFO-to-go.

sounds like colour and light

Imagine a wall that lights up, absorbs sound and can respond it’s colour with the amount of noise in a part of a room. Phillips and it’s partner Kvadrat Soft Cell think that’s what they have.