1. the big picture

    They call it the Great Picture, I guess that’s because it’s so honkin’ big. It’s the largest image from a pinhole camera. In this case the pinhole camera was an airplane hangar. Currently being exhibited at the Culver Centre of the Arts. Try to find a wall to hang this picture on, or a framer to make a frame for it.

    photo: UCR Sweeney Art Gallery & Culver Center of the Arts

  2. new work

    This illustration is addressing the issue of the American economy being similar to a train wreck, and now they are moving ahead in an uncertain direction. All digital, Illustrator with Photoshop alterations.

  3. new work

    This is the logo for a client who’s business is about helping other business’ become more successful. They wanted a look that would portray what they do, which is more than Accounting. I liked their old catch phrase CFO-to-go.

  4. sounds like colour and light

    Imagine a wall that lights up, absorbs sound and can respond it’s colour with the amount of noise in a part of a room. Phillips and it’s partner Kvadrat Soft Cell think that’s what they have.

  5. cartoon improv

    This is a nice little video of  New Yorker Cartoonists Drew Dernavich, Matt Diffee, and Zach Kanin. It’s where the audience suggests what the cartoons will end up as.

    New Yorker cartoonists Diffee, Dernavich, & Kanin at Gel 2011 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

  6. installation art

    Here’s a collection of installation art from around the world, my favoruite are the pieces by Mark Jenkins, I wouldn’t want to encounter one of his works late at night when I’m alone on the street.

  7. old work

    I was reminded of this cartoon the other day when I saw a group of rogue smokers, dressed for work, hanging out in an alley.

  8. cool retro

    This site is a great time-waster. Lots of retro things to inspire, miniature Manhattan storefront re-creations, miniature fifties street scenes with cars and so much more. This was my favourite, the first fake photograph, Lincoln’s head and  John Calhoun’s body.

  9. color me

    Did you know there are more women artists than men, four to one. Women just seem to be more connected that way. Take the X-rite colour test with your significant other and see how you score.

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